G4CQM's Websites

During the coming month of December I will be making major changes to my websites, some will go!

This URL https://www.g4cqm.co.uk/ will become/return as my G4CQM 2M Atlantic SSB DX pages...

Wave Antennas URL www.waveantennas.co.uk is to close as will URL www.g4cqm.uk!

G4CQM Antennas is moving here URL https://qsl.net/g4cqm/

For the time being you can still ENTER >>> G4CQM 50Ω Direct Feed Low Q Low Noise Yagis

Want a ready-made G4CQM designed yagi? You can buy direct from Roger Banks GW4WND of The DXShop!
WS8C9 8 ele 1.64λ 144MHz special build by Roger seen below...

WS8C9 8 ele 144MHz special build by Roger

Unbeatable residential performance from 4 x WS8C9!
T_sky = 290 K whilst T_earth = 5400 K