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TANT DOS Program...

TANT DOS Program simple menu
TANT DOS Program simple menu
Working example CQM8C4 single yagi
Working example CQM8C4 single yagi

Updated 27-05-2016...

TANT is a stand alone DOS program written primarily by YT1NT. It is a viable replacement for the older DOS program Yagi Analysis 3.54 by SM2IEV.

TANT is able to evaluate Far Field data produced by both EZNEC and 4nec2 software.

The G/T figure produced by TANT is an Amateur Radio orientated interpretation and is not strictly in accordance with the professional meanining/criteria of the term G/T.

(ITU-R 2000) effectively defines G/T as "the ratio of the antenna power gain-to-system noise temperature (G/T)" [Owen Duffy].

My own personal view is that TANT is a very useful tool for looking at overall pattern cleanliness and quantifying this as a measure of antenna temperature (T_ant) which includes internal losses expressed in numerical value degrees Kelvin.

TANT figures shown in red are those used in the VE7BQH yagi table and considered by end users for universal comparison purposes. They are determined by a notional antenna elevation angle of 30° proposed by the late DJ9BV. However, after looking at hundreds of yagi designs I have realised that this is a somewhat naive point of view! Instead consideration should also be given to an elevation angle of 90° (with the yagi looking straight up at a cold sky). Interaction with ground is then minimised and a more revealing pattern assessment is then possible. I have observed that some yagi designs will fail this comparison test!

TANT must be considered in the context of the limited use that applies!